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with a Martial Mindset

With degrees in Biology and Economics, Bob Dickson represents a Business Oriented, Martial Arts perspective on life, a career based on a hunger for lifelong learning, and a passion for teaching.  Prior to becoming a full time Martial Artist, Bob's corporate career included Production, Operations, Sales, Management, and Project Management for various companies.

A Sr. 5th degree Black Belt in Taekwondo, Bob is Owner and Chief Instructor of Dickson's Taekwondo in Acworth, Ga. Prior to that he managed and opened successful locations for his instructor. He then opened his own location with his wife Sharon, also a Sr. 5th degree Black Belt and Instructor, in 2003.

Prior to working alongside her husband full time as a Martial Artist, Sharon Dickson had a career that progressed from engineering drafting to supervisory duties to Quality Assurance to Project Management in an IT department that encompassed five cities.  With degrees in Art and Design combined with years of engineering, Sharon brings a conceptual ability to a hands on, no nonsense approach to supervisory and team efforts while still having fun.

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